An episode full of emotions

Episode 8 of the Setién season. An episode full of emotions: joy, optimism, frustration, nerves, scepticism. What’s clear is that there was no total satisfaction, as there were two very distinct halves in the match against Getafe. Or, better said, there were four very differentiated stages in the game.

The first one was between the 1st and the 30th minute, when Getafe pushed forward both on and off the ball, and were posing a threat at the Camp Nou. They had chances to score, and actually scored – except for the fact that Nyom’s goal was disallowed.

Secondly, from the half-an-hour mark, Barça managed to evade the intense press from the visitors and dominated in the opposing half. That was a bit before Griezmann’s goal, which was a consequence of our good football. The circulation was fast and fluid, with a Messi in playmaking mode, once more. The second goal was also another great collective strike, as Sergi Roberto found the net after an assist from Junior.

The third phase was between minutes 45 and 65, with Barcelona having a slower yet clever game, based around control and minimising risks. Finally and fourthly, though, Ángel was subbed on and scored, generating some doubts and specially some panic among the crowd. But hey, Getafe are not third by chance. They are this campaign’s great revelation and they proved it once more. Facing them is far from easy, possibly the side that frustrates the rival’s gameplan the most.

Even so, our first half was extraordinary, despite the performance overall was not brilliant. However, it was quite the display I expected, or even better. We’re seeing things and automatisms we had not had in years, despite the very obvious limitations in the current squad. The differences with Valverde are very obvious, and the possession is not pointless. There’s some purpose.
Satisfied with the team, unhappy with the reaction from the crowd.
We move.

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