That’s time and confidence

If wins like the one against Betis give us something, that’s time and confidence. It’s always far easier to work through the victory than to do it through defeat. Triumphs not only lift the morale of the team, but are also a powerful tool to convince the players. If you tell the footballers to trust your methods because these are the best, yet you don’t guarantee them results, then they won’t believe in you. If, by contrast, you prove them with results that your philosophy is the best, they will be more easily persuaded.

The victory at the Benito Villamarín, and even the unlucky loss at San Mamés, seem to have provided reassurance and confidence to the players. We have demonstrated that we can play well, compete and win away from home too. Setién suggested in a press conference that there might have been a moral issue lying behind Barcelona’s continuous setbacks on the road. So it’s vital that we overcome it.

We got the 3 points on Sunday in another good game from a tactical point of view, and in a great moral victory. Yes, we still concede too many goals. Yes, we still suffer if we don’t recover the ball high. Yes, we are not ultra reliable yet. But we’re improving. With every passing fixture we get better as a whole, and I’m quite sure that we will end up having – if we don’t have it already – the capacity to execute a brilliant football as well as to be a competitive machine.

Being out of the Copa del Rey, and not having the Champions League until the second week, will actually be sort of a blessing in disguise for us. The home clashes against Getafe and Eibar will be very complicated, but now we have two weeks with only two matches at the Camp Nou. 15 days to keep improving. So far we’re making steps forward. Maybe these steps are only baby steps, but what counts is that they are forward. We are in the right direction.

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