The Barcelona fans are ultra demanding. Not only the local fans, of course, but all over the world. Pep’s era left the impression in people that what happened during those 4 years, the best in our history, could be repeated in every single season. Culés call for the Treble, even when that has only happened twice at Barça, while they think that that glorious football, perfectly executed with geniuses like Xavi or Iniesta, can be replicated with the current limited squad. Maybe it’s nostalgia, maybe it’s our distorted perception.

Many think that, given that Setién promised to have fun, suffering would now disappear. That we would see a great stylistic revolution. Yet we’re certainly on the right track. Even so, some don’t want to believe it. Yesterday, the Camp Nou whistled the team. But they did not whistle a player or the result. They whistled us playing out from the back, making a pass to Ter Stegen that would then allow us to progress.

Whistles to a conviction. People were being critical of our boldness, without realising that we were taking calculated risks. Anyone at the Camp Nou really believes that we would obtain better results without building up from the back? Unfortunately, I think some do. And the main reason why this happens is for lack of knowledge.

Many don’t know that the best option always is to be in control of the ball, to generate advantages. They don’t know that we don’t have the MSN to attack with spaces. Perhaps they don’t even know that Getafe is not a Segunda team, but the third best in La Liga. And all this ignorance is possibly caused by the manipulation in the media, with Mundo Deportivo backed by the board to try and dismantle the Cruyffism.

In the face of adversity, people want to go back to mediocrity. However, it’s in these situations when we must trust our methods and philosophy more than ever. This is what Pep Guardiola said back in the day: “Now that we win, the model seems good to them and is not questioned, but keep in mind that you’ll not always win. And then doubts will come. That will be when you will have to rely on the model more than ever, because the temptation to depart from it it will be very strong”.

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