We certainly have no shortage of talent in the final third.

As shown against Alavés, Barcelona clearly doesn’t have problems to find the back of the net. We certainly have no shortage of talent in the final third. On Saturday we won by 4–1 without dropping an extra drop of sweat. Almost effortlessly, and being very careful with the waste of energy, we got a big victory.

The question, though, is to what extent this is positive. Scoring goals is never negative, but, if with 3 isolated actions we have enough to win, then we may just do the bare minimum to obtain results. Against Alavés it was like we had the conviction from minute 1 that we were going to obtain the 3 points. After Griezmann took the lead in the 14th minute, it was mostly about self-regulation and saving energy.

This is the complete opposite to Real Madrid. Goals are not a problem for us; for Los Blancos, they are. As Albert perfectly described it, Madrid is a writer with no words; Barça is a writer with no ideas. Goals may be what are moving Zidane’s men away from the league title. However, talent in the final third, without some solid foundations, may not be enough for us to survive against bigger rivals in Europe.

The feeling in most games is that, given the lack of ideas and inspiration, Barcelona has to depend on the attacking quality to give answers to the vague questions posed. Like a shell with no substance. Much more to offer, much to improve.

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