He loves the club

No need to overdramatise things, but this looks like war between players and board. Today SPORT posted an interview with sporting director Abidal. In it, Éric explained the process that led to Valverde’s sacking: “[In the summer] the president decided to renew him. We took it on because it was a club decision, but we already saw the problem wasn’t to do with results, but that it was an internal thing. It’s never easy to take that decision but, after the Clásico on December 18, we started to concrete his exit”. He made clear that the departure would have happened even without the Super Cup loss.

He added: “We watched the games and not the results; the tactics, the work of the players who don’t play a lot. I’m focused on those details”. The cherry on top of the cake, and what ultimately made Leo angry, was this quote: “Many players weren’t satisfied or working much and there was also an internal communication problem”. Messi, who, like other heavyweights, does read the media, saw this and responded on Instagram.

His message (all of it is in my story) was: “People have to be responsible for their own their decisions […] The heads of the sports department have to take their responsibilities too. When you talk about players, you have to give names because, if not, it makes everyone dirty and gives air to things that are said which are not true”. The captain has to defend his teammates, no matter where the attacks come from – this is what he has just done.

If the fans can’t end with this board, Messi will do it on his own. He’s here to save us. Him speaking up doesn’t happen often, but only when it’s needed the most. Since this board took over, first with Rosell and later with Bartomeu, they have succeeded in angering everyone: Cruyff, Pep, Xavi, Puyol, Valdés, Iniesta…Today they have enraged the last bastion: Messi.

No, Leo won’t leave. He loves the club too much. However, the board may be forced to take action, maybe upon themselves. Their whole strategy was based around ‘keeping the dressing room happy’, and they have now lost their support. I wish they called for presidential elections, but these directives have zero shame. Don’t expect anything from them.

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