He should not be debatable.

Barcelona has endless differential talent in its ranks, players capable of influencing both the result and the flow of a game. Suárez, De Jong, obviously Messi, and, even if he acts in a deeper spot and he’s often overlooked, Busquets. In fact, I would say that, above the likes of Luis, Frenkie and Griezmann, he’s the second most distinctive, unique and special footballer in our squad, after Leo.

Thus, it is painful to see how we’re wasting such a high amount of gift and intelligence by not treating him like what he is: a genius, a rare species. We really are employing him as if he was an ordinary player, subbing him out for Rakitić simply because he doesn’t have the physical conditions for a chaotic match, and not being concerned with creating a favourable environment for him. Like Messi, we must build the team around Sergio too.

We often hear how Griezmann feels uncomfortable on the left wing, or how De Jong can’t express himself as he did at Ajax. Nonetheless, while Busi is not playing out of position and he has been the master of the defensive midfield role ever since his promotion with Guardiola, to my mind we’re misusing him as much, or even more, than any of these.

Busquets is NEVER a problem, but, for Barça, he’s always the solution. No matter whether we have to chase the game or to retain the lead, if we want to meet our objectives by being true to our principles and style, the 31-year-old undoubtedly is the best option in every circumstance.

If we want to dominate possession, recover the ball as soon as possible, be effective in the pressing and be grouped together, Busquets should never be benched for technical or tactical reasons. It isn’t surprising at all that replacing him for a footballer that has more legs and physique tends to have the reverse effect; we lose all control, and transitions become the norm.
Busi should not be debatable.

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