Carles Perez

We have the best academy in the world. We must protect it. We must use it more. Blah blah blah.
Fans showing off their academy, complaining because we should use it more.
Then you go to Carles Pérez’s last post, a training post, and you see endless messages of ‘supporters’ not only being upset with him, but insulting and hating on him.
The guy that made his official debut at the Camp Nou just a week ago, that scored there and that even provided two assists, the two assists, in today’s match. Mocking him, calling him ‘moron’ or ‘useless’ for making a poor control that led to him not scoring a 1v1 late in the game, is outrageous.
Should he have scored that?
Is such hate justified?

Everyone, everyone, makes mistakes. People consider that to play for Barcelona you have to be a machine, flawless. Even Messi missed a penalty in the 2012 UCL semifinal against Chelsea that probably prevented us from reaching the final.
Missing a shot, no matter whether it’s in a friendly, league fixture or World Cup final, is completely normal.
Such impolite messages, no matter whether they are directed towards Higuaín, Leo or Carles Pérez, are always out of place.
It happened with Miranda, with Chumi and now with Carles. We’re burning out our talents. Not with Messi, not with Griezmann, not with Ter Stegen. It’s way easier to pinpoint all the anger towards a 19, 20 or 21-year-old La Masía products. These, I repeat, ‘supporters’ are cowards.
Do not be like them, please. Do not let frustration invade you.

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