The King of Kings

Ladies and gentlemen, the King, the King of kings, is back to his throne. You know the news. Few times a trophy that matter as much as the Ballon d’Or mattered so little, except for one thing. Seeing Messi smile must make us all smile.

No one would dare to remember the details of Lionel Messi’s 684 career goals, but the little magician keeps saying that his header against Van der Sar in the 2009 Champions League final was his best one. Also, that his 2009 Ballon d’Or was his most special one. There’s nothing like the emotions of the first time.

However, let’s all hope that this isn’t his last one. Not because of the award, but because of the necessity to keep witnessing his brilliance for many more years. After stepping onto the stage, the Argentinian delivered his most emotional speech, full of nostalgia, as he looked into the future and brought everyone back to the present. “I’m aware of my age and you enjoy these moments even more because the time for retirement gets closer. It’s difficult. I’ve got a few years left, but at moments like this, it feels like time flies”. We must enjoy him as much as we can, as long as we can.

He’s unique, irreplaceable, uncommon, extraterrestrial, unparalleled, unmatched, unrivalled. All the words that can be said, all the prizes that he can receive, will never be enough. Leo’s quality cannot be quantified. Just enjoyed.

I wish this beautiful story never came to an end, but we all know it one day will. The finish line to a golden career may be close, may be far. It’s uncertain. But there’s no greater certainty than the unequalled quality of a genius that has been delivering week in and week out for over a decade. We aren’t conscious of how privileged we are.

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