Messi the cherry on the cake

There’s a need to differentiate the Messi-dependence from a highly functional team that has Leo as the cherry on the top of the cake. Yes, Leo scored three goals few footballers are capable of scoring, and if we remove them then the result would ‘theoretically’ be a 2–2. But no, what we saw yesterday was far from Messi-dependence.

It was a collective show, like an all-star game where the players were just wanting to give the spectators a good time. Even all the 5 goals were exquisite. We saw the most recognisable Barça, its most artistic and aesthetical version. High speed in the ball circulation and intense counter-pressing, a conext that was obviously ideal for the best Busi.

Everyone was adding something. The MSG used the match to strengthen relationships, Busquets led the pressing from midfield, De Jong was dancing and twisting…Everything had a meaning. Every back pass by Sergi Roberto, together with the pause of Griezmann, allowed Barça to make two steps forward.

Mallorca were helpless because they were in continuous numerical inferiority. Ter Stegen, as shown with the opener, was just another outfield player that gave us an extra advantage, but overall the team’s positioning and movements always allowed us to dominate in excellence. Suárez’s goal, even leaving the unbelievable finish apart, was a demonstration of the positional and spatial awareness of the likes of Frenkie and Sergi.

With a well-defined structure and a solid tactical background, there was space for talent and imagination. Barcelona were determined to leave behind the disappointing performances of the past month and proved that football has no memory. Everything is lived in the moment, and yesterday the Blaugranas enjoyed and made enjoy.

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