New kit! Blau, grana, and a bit of yellow. Our new jersey brings vibes of the 2010/11 season back, and it is impossible not to fall in love with it. Vertical stripes return, as it should be. This time, though, very thin gold strips are included in the separation between the much thicker blue and maroon stripes.

Apparently this design is inspired on the club crest that the team wore during its first golden era, during the 1920s. But we all know that they always try to establish a mini relationship with a historic element just to add some significance.

Another new feature in the new kit is the golden roundneck collar, which is what makes it similar to the one worn during the 10/11. What a lovely change from one year to the next one.

Historically, Barça’s kit should contain even fewer vertical stripes, with only the blaugrana colours and no yellow. But we will permit this small exception as it is a beauty. A kit deserving of success.

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