Sergiño Dest

To play for Barça requires some very specific traits and very very few players possess them. However, while I could name a handful of midfielders that could be suited didn’t we have too many, at full-back I would say there are only one or two players that are perfect for Barcelona. And one of them is Kimmich, unaccessible.

But full-back may be our weakest zone, so we must reinforce it. At right-back it is hard, or impossible, to find a perfect candidate, so we must create a perfect fit out of a player that may not seem perfect at first. This is the time to bet on potential. Even if he suffers in defence and is very young, Sergiño Dest has abundant personality, dribbling in 1v1s, associative quality…He would suppose a great improvement in building up and attacking down the right.

The only thing in which I would say Bellerín is superior to Dest is in a quality I tend to consider overpraised, but that here could be somewhat important: experience. Pressure at Barcelona is huge and it would be a massive gamble to give so many responsibilities to a 19-year-old. If he has a bad performance, which is completely normal for a teenager after just one year in professional football and with many holes in his game, he could really struggle to revert that situation.

But I feel it’s a risk we must assume. While Sergiño Dest is raw and an extra year at Ajax would do him a world of good, we need him. For that price of around €20m, with that profile and material, and, especially, with that extremely high ceiling, I believe he’s the best option we can find.

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