The problems have been obvious

It was obvious in Lisbon, in Liverpool, Rome, Turin, in 2015, in 2010. Call it Sandro Rosell, Josep Maria Bartomeu, Grupo Godó or nuñismo. The problems have been obvious since this board and their ideology stepped at the club, and for Barcelona’s good all its representatives must be gone before it’s too late.

Any signing or appointment, of players, coach or sporting director, will be almost worthless if there isn’t a much deeper restructuring starting from the board. We need no more stopgaps and hiding our problems with million-dollar buys, but we need conviction and belief in an idea again. Even if right transfers are made, Bartomeu will not suddenly change and his aversion to the club’s principles will remain.

There are all sorts of rumours regarding what will happen with the board, who will meet on Monday to make big decisions. Much to my regret, I trust Bartomeu zero at all to resign. It has been proven after all the numerous scandals that he doesn’t care, that he wants to continue being the president until 2021 despite the lack of support from fans and dressing room. Maybe this time it is different, but don’t put your faith in them.

My source of hope is a vote of no confidence, perhaps from the presidential precandidates. Yet, if the current directives really want the best for the club, it should be them who resigned on their own. I don’t know what are they waiting for, considering they have no reputation left. Possibly they want to balance the books and avoid having to pay for Barça’s debt, but that is extremely selfish. The club and the fans’ voices need to be put at the forefront. Bartomeu, leave. Though you should have never arrived.

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