Very bright goalscoring machine

Håland is unconventional. Unconventional because, while he’s Norwegian, he was born in Leeds and dreams of winning “the PL with Leeds”. But unconventional also for his playing style. He looks like a monster in stature and strength, but has a delicacy more common in much tinier footballers. Obviously, what he’s most renowned for is his goalscoring ability. In 18 games for RB Salzburg this season, he has 26 goals in 1.251 minutes – a jaw-dropping average of a goal every 48 mins. For a striker around 1.93m tall, it isn’t shocking that he dominates physically and aerially, capable of scoring with any part of his body. What’s really astonishing is his wide set of skills and proper use of his conditions. The 19-year-old is a strong runner both out of possession and, surprisingly, with the ball at his feel. Håland is a good target man, but he’s not a traditional tall CF, by no means slow and laboured on the ball. Despite his slouch, pace and raw strength, he’s very intelligent, balanced, gifted and determined, adept at making lay-offs, dribbling and dropping deep. He has got everything.

Donyell Malen is multifunctional, less powerful than Erling but more versatile and equally fast. The talented Dutchman played for Ajax’s academy for 8 years before moving to Arsenal in 2015, where he was compared to Alexis Sánchez for his playmaking ability and worked under the likes of Bergkamp and Henry. 2 years ago, though, he joined PSV, and this term he has been smashing in goals in the Netherlands: 16 goals in 19 matches, plus 7 assists. As well as a reliable goalscorer, the 20-year-old is a smart passer and devastating at full speed, with twists and turns that will make any defender spin into the ground. He’s cool and calculating, and can play on the wing too. He can be found all over the box, both in and around it, always dangerous and lethal.

Two gems and potential superstars. However, for me Håland is something extraordinary, an outstanding natural phenomena. Brutal.
Who is most promising?

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